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Our service consists of thousands of independently owned, highly authoritative aged domains with an average Domain Authority of 32 and average Page Rank of 3.

These are independently owned domains.

Trying to fool the search engines with low quality, fake content, and link networks is continually becoming less effective as the search engines are continually updating their search algorithms.

Recently, Google has started penalizing links of this nature so not only will they not help you, they may hurt you. We ensure top quality, established bloggers so that your links and content are contributing to the online experience and will stand up to the continual updates the search engines make to ensure quality content. With Guest Blog Posting Service, you can rank the right way.

United States Domains

Our bloggers are located in the United States (or your area of business).

Having a wide mix of content from different areas is a sure way to water down your links and domain authority. Link farms and fake blogs have a mix of decentralized content that can actually harm your rankings if they link to you. Blogs that have native content have a much higher domain and page authority, which shows the search engines that the links coming to your site are valid, high quality, and REAL.

Native content is another way Guest Blog Posting Service ensures your links are of the highest quality possible.

Panda Proof Link Building

With real blogs and real bloggers, Google's panda updates will never thwart your efforts.

You will no longer have to worry about shady link building tactics. Our relationships with bloggers ensures you can scale your link building efforts in a way that won't get sniffed out by Google.

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